Thursday, March 09, 2017

Amazon Locker installed at Safeway on Sangamore Rd. in Bethesda (Photos)

Amazon Locker is now available at Safeway in the Shops at Sumner Place shopping center at 4701 Sangamore Road in Bethesda. The unit is located next to where the lottery ticket machine has been at the front of the store, directly across from the check-out aisles.

What is Amazon Locker? You can have your order shipped to an Amazon Locker location near you. Your package(s) will arrive at that location, and you will receive an email notification with an access code that will open your locker. If you do not pick up your order within 3 days, it will be returned to Amazon.

If you live in a building where you have difficulty receiving your packages, or you don't want packages sitting on your front step for thieves to pick up, this can really come in handy.


Anonymous said...

There are now also Amazon lockers by the checkout at the Safeway at 7625 Old Georgetown Road.

Anonymous said...

Good place to pick up your porn, away from Mom's prying eyes.

Anonymous said...

How can I schedule a hard hat tour of the Cheval?