Monday, March 27, 2017

Target trucks continue to deliver inventory ahead of opening day (Photos)

There's only one way to stock the shelves and racks inside the new downtown Bethesda Target store before the grand opening on April 9, and Target 18-wheelers are quickly giving Teslas a run for their money as the most attention-getting vehicles in town. Here's one spotted arriving downtown along Wisconsin Avenue.

Left turn signal
activated as it approaches
the store

Climbing the hill
as it passes the future
Target storefront


Anonymous said...

"Left turn signal activated as it approaches the store"

Wannabe-journalist trying to look busy, Item #2.

Item #3 will be yet another segment of "The Dark Side of Steamers.

Anonymous said...

7:12 AM = Argle Bargle

Anonymous said...

What do you do all day? Play video games in your mom's basement then go look for target trucks?

Skippy said...

5:24pm Dyer is a journalist informing residents and an important voice.

How have YOU added value to the Bethesda community today?

Anonymous said...

This morning on my AMwalk thru a oounty park, I stopped and picked up all the trash and placed it in the trash can.

What have you done Mr Skippy?

Anonymous said...

What is this Dyer, your third story announcing Target trucks are in the neighborhood? I suppose you're just phoning this in so you can spend your time fomenting racial hatred while keeping the post count high.

Robert Dyer said...

6:54: Where is the racial hatred? Reporting the news is not "racial hatred." Sorry you don't share the Target Fever most in Bethesda have about the pending store opening.

If you want to bring up the topic of racism in Montgomery County, I can have that conversation all day, man. Let's talk about racism on the County Council and Planning Department, and at MCPS. A shameful record - you don't want to go there.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I do. You have talking points of opinion. Any digging into the details shows how superficial your claims of racism are.
You should start a new thread though. I have a lot of research and documents.

Anonymous said...

"Target trucks continue to deliver inventory ahead of opening day (Photos)", odd title. What, should they not deliver inventory until after the opening, so you get the opp to criticize. Target delinquent on merchandise availability.

Anonymous said...

You should be ticketed for distracted driving.