Monday, March 20, 2017

T-Mobile to open across from Pike & Rose in N. Bethesda (Photos)

The more things change on one side of Old Georgetown Road near Rockville Pike, the more they stay the same on the other. Across from gleaming new Pike & Rose, an auto dealership changed hands last year. Now a second dealership is going to hang around a while longer - as a T-Mobile store. The distinctive showroom building once belonged to a Saab dealership, which closed almost five years ago.


Anonymous said...

Great. The other nearest T-MObile stores are in Friendship Heights (tough parking) and Montgomry Mall (long lines). This will be a welcome addition.

Anonymous said...

Terrible location for a T-Mobile store. I love T-mo, and while their surburan stores are few and far in between (compared to every other block in urban areas) this is a very random location. There's absolutely no complementing retail (P&R doesn't count since you have to cross 1000 lanes of busy traffic) and it's set back from the street.

But the property isn't generating any income so the owner must have calculated the tepid sales (minus the startup and franchise fees) would be able to cover the property tax until they can redevelop with their planned mixed-use when the Executive realignment is complete.