Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sex assault on Wisconsin Ave., Huntington Terrace area rocked by vehicle break-ins + more - Bethesda crime update

Here's a roundup of crimes reported across Bethesda on March 20, according to crime data:

"Other sexual offense." 8100 block Wisconsin Avenue.

Theft. 7100 block Woodmont Avenue.

Vehicle burglary. 4900 block Battery Lane.

Vehicle burglary. 8200 block Maple Ridge Road.

Vehicle burglary. 5300 block Glenwood Road.

Vehicle burglary. 5400 block Huntington Parkway.

Vehicle burglary. 8200 block Custer Road.

Vehicle burglary. 5400 block Glenwood Road.

Vehicle burglary. 5400 block Glenwood Road.

Vehicle burglary. 8200 block Moorland Lane.

Vehicle burglary. 5500 block Charlcote Road.

Vehicle burglary. 5500 block Glenwood Road.

Vehicle burglary. 5500 block Northfield Road.

Vehicle burglary. 4600 block N. Park Avenue.

Burglary. 12200 block Rockville Pike.

Burglary. 12300 block Twinbrook Parkway.

Domestic violence assault. 11100 block Powder Horn Drive.

Theft. 7100 block Natelli Woods Lane.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks like they found the perp behind all those threats against the JCC's.

Anonymous said...

Lakeforest Deadmall is in foreclosure again.

Looks like they've pulled ahead of Westfield Montgomery Deadmall in the #DeadMallPool.

Anonymous said...

"Other sexual offense." 8100 block Wisconsin Avenue."

Zero outrage from Dyer when the perp is a white dude.

Robert Dyer said...

2:23: They always have been. The owner is far inferior to Westfield or Lerner.

7:47: You don't know that the "perp" was white. Second, the majority of rapes are not made public in the press, so of course we don't hear and rage about each one. Third, there have been only two gang rapes of minor girls in the last year, and every one of the alleged rapists in both were illegal immigrants. Facts.

Should I be like CNN and MSNBC, and not report on a gang rape *because* the alleged rapists are illegal immigrants from Central America? THAT would be a violation of journalistic ethics, not my factual reports.

Robert Dyer said...

^ when I say in the last year, I'm referring to gang rapes that occurred within Montgomery County only.