Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Attorney seeks freedom, asylum for Rockville rape suspect's father

Adolfo Sanchez-Reyes, father of Rockville High School gang rape suspect Henry Sanchez, was arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency Friday. Now, the younger Sanchez's attorney is vowing to get Sanchez-Reyes out of immigration detention in Jessup, according to the Washington Post.

Attorney Andrew Jezic said he will also ask for asylum for the suspect's father. "We hope to get him out soon, and we will assert grounds for him to stay in the country," Jezic told the Post. While police in Montgomery County have said they never interacted with rape suspects Sanchez and Jose Montano since they arrived here illegally from Central America last year, Sanchez-Reyes has two Maryland traffic citations. The Post reported that one of those citations was for driving without a license.

It appears obvious that, because police were not permitted to check Sanchez-Reyes' citizenship status during a traffic stop, they never knew he was in the country illegally. That left Sanchez-Reyes able to continue living in Montgomery County. He would ultimately be able to serve as guardian for his son after Henry Sanchez was "caught and released" by Border Patrol agents, following Obama administration policy on "unaccompanied minors," after illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexican border seven months ago.

In other words, the alleged gang rape incident might never have occurred at Rockville H.S. on March 16, had the father been deported after driving without a license.


Anonymous said...

That's a stretch of what-ifs.

What if one of the perperatrator's parents never met on that starry night 18 years ago?

What if the other perpetrator made friends with another kid at school instead?

What if the victim was out sick that day with the flu?

Robert Dyer said...

6:56: Most people consider (alleged) criminals being caught by authorities, and then being let go to commit a crime, as a very relevant missed opportunity. Surely you've heard the discussions about terrorists who we find later were in the hands of the FBI at one point. The politicians need to be held accountable, just as in the deadly Flower Branch explosion, the 911 outage, and the execution of a 15-year-old girl by MS-13. It's chilling that there are actually people who aren't concerned about these things. God help us.

Anonymous said...

So why didn't the Great Trump Administration arrest and deport them BEFORE the crime occurred? This occurred on his watch, not Obama's. Why is it that Trump somehow manages to claim credit for jobs that were created under Obama's watch, but then he and his cronies want to also blame Obama for things that occur on Trump's watch. Amazing how this new Administration continues to defy truth, reality, and logic AND his base remains loyal and unquestioning.

Robert Dyer said...

8:13: No, it actually occurred on Obama's watch, and his "catch and release" policy for unaccompanied "minors." Both of these guys were caught sneaking over the border from Mexico BEFORE Obama left office. They were then released to family members here in Montgomery County.

One of Obama's strategies was his recognition that the average delay in immigration court hearing is about two years. By further clogging the courts with the catch-and-release cases, that means all those folks are out free in our communities for two-to-three years.

As we found (allegedly) on March 16, that was plenty of time for these two Obama catch-and-release fellas to get in trouble here in Montgomery County.

So, Trump had nothing to do with this case whatsoever. This is on Obama and the Montgomery County Council.

"How is this on us?" - Roger Berliner

Anonymous said...

No, it's on the perpetrators. Just like you can't pin the other 80 rapes that happened last week in Maryland on any politician. It's about sexual assault, not politics, not immigration.

Robert Dyer said...

10:11: No, it's about how 2 adults get into a 9th grade classroom, and how they have time to wander the halls when they are supposedly so far behind in school. Not to mention "catch and release" policy sent these two here to MoCo in the first place, where sanctuary policies subsidized their education and preying on minor children.