Friday, March 17, 2017

Wood Acres to contribute $5000 to Westbard lawsuit

The Bethesda neighborhood of Wood Acres is the latest community to endorse the Save Westbard lawsuit against Montgomery County with its pocketbook. By a 2:1 margin, Wood Acres has just voted to donate $5000 to the legal effort to have the Westbard sector plan returned to the County Council and Planning Board, for reviews and hearings the suit alleges it illegally did not receive during the plan process.

Wood Acres' contribution follows two other $5000 donations to the legal fund, from Westmoreland Hills and Sumner. As support and momentum behind the lawsuit increase, the Springfield Civic Association is set to vote on whether or not to support the suit financially at its next meeting. Other neighborhoods directly-adjacent to the planned Westbard redevelopment area - such as Kenwood and nearby condo/townhome developments - have not yet given any public indication as to whether they will consider donating to the legal challenge.


Anonymous said...

A big thank you to the citizens of Wood Acres!

Anonymous said...

I live near Westbard and have been disbelieving at how badly area residents have been treated by Montgomery County during the project planning process. The Planning Department, the Planning Board and the Council have pretty much ignored residents and civic associations.

I have donated to the lawsuit and hope that others will, too. I am grateful to citizens groups in Sumner, Westmoreland Hills and Wood Acres for contributing $5,000 each to the lawsuit, and hope that other groups will do the same.