Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Demolition update: 4733 Bethesda Avenue (Photos)

It appears the glass has been removed from a number of windows on one side of the office building at 4733 Bethesda Avenue. The black shroud of death - last seen draped over White Flint Mall - has descended over part of the building. Also, the vanished crosswalk across from the Seasons has reappeared. This building is coming down to make way for The JBG Companies' 4747 Bethesda Avenue office/retail project.


Anonymous said...

Has JBG given any consideration to the tenants at 7200 Wisconsin? They likely cashed out big time when the refinanced it the other year, would be curious if they saved up for any sort of rent relief due to the noise, etc. caused with the construction.

Anonymous said...

Not just the removal of the glass, but extensive removal of asbestos containing wall panels. Lots of demo workers in full hazmat suits and respirators are cutting away at the exterior panels and bagging the pieces up for removal. Perhaps a good idea to hold your breath when you walk by for a while. The street lights are coming out today. Anybody need firewood...I'm sure the nice shade trees on the north side of Bethesda Avenue are next.

Anonymous said...

Bethesda and Silver Spring are both demoing 100+' tall buildings to make way for even bigger and taller buildings. #moribund