Monday, August 27, 2018

OurBus to launch White Flint to NYC bus service

OurBus, a crowdsourced tech company operating intercity and commuter bus routes, plans to soon offer service between White Flint and New York City. The company plans to perform a pilot test of the route over Labor Day weekend.

A test of the OurBus website finds an available trip to New York City on Labor Day for $25.00. The departure stop is listed as the bus stop at the White Flint Metro station, on the northbound side of Rockville Pike, in front of the Metro station.

OurBus notes that buses will not always be branded "OurBus" (Worldwide Tours & Travel is listed as the charter company for next Monday's trip). The service offers passengers free WiFi, reclining seats, charging ports, free water, "sanitized" on-board restrooms, and no rescheduling fees. Tickets must be purchased online.


Anonymous said...

Dyer just got mentioned in BB.

"Albornoz, Glass, Jawando and Riemer face Republicans Robert Dyer of Bethesda, Chris Fiotes of Gaithersburg, Penny Musser of Boyds, and Shelly Skolnick of Silver Spring on Nov. 6. Dyer, Fiotes and Skolnick also sought the same position four years ago."

And they also mentioned his running mates Musser, Fiotes and Skolnick. Which is more than Dyer has done on his own blogs.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article - large REITs such as Federal Realty are owned by "dumb money" - mutual funds such as Vanguard Group. 11% of Federal Realty is owned by Vanguard. Just five large investors own nearly half of Federal Realty stock, with 96% total shares owned by institutional investors.

"Vanguard Group is fast becoming a dominant investor in the U.S. real estate industry.

"Securities and Exchange Commission reports compiled by Bloomberg show that the company’s mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are now the leading owners of real estate investment trusts (REITs), the tax-protected investor funds that own many of the nation’s offices, shopping centers, apartments, hotels, warehouses, and data and storage centers.

Anonymous said...

Shelly Skolnick and Penny Musser...great to see so many women in the Republican field!

Anonymous said...

"Shelly Skolnick" is male, not female.