Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Power outage in Bethesda

About 290 Pepco customers are without power in the southwest Bethesda area right now. Areas impacted are south of River Road between Goldsboro Road and Western Avenue/Westmoreland Circle.

Neighborhoods there include Wood Acres, Springfield, Green Acres and Glen Cove.

Pepco has a not-so-customer-friendly estimated restoration time of 3:00 PM. There wasn't a single raindrop, but heavy wind gusts are hitting the area.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't this be caused by the accident you report just 30 minutes prior?

Robert Dyer said...

5:35: I certainly wouldn't rule it out, but I would have expected the firefighters on scene to have told the dispatcher a pole/wires had come down. On the other hand, they basically stopped talking on the radio once they had confirmed the location of the accident to dispatch.

Anonymous said...

Oh cool you're listening to the police scanner?