Saturday, March 05, 2016

Developer JBG starts a second phase of construction in its Bethesda Avenue makeover (Photos)

Developer JBG Companies is already constructing one part of its larger Bethesda Avenue project, a relatively-small retail building on the former site of Thyme Square and Blu Lounge. Now a second phase is getting underway further up the street.

It appears this is related to the planned removal of the arch outside of a retail space JBG is marketing for lease as "Bethesda's next great restaurant." The company hopes to attract a prominent dining tenant to the space, which will also offer outdoor patio seating.

The sidewalk is now closed, and street parking has been blocked off where indicated by meter covers. I do not see a sign indicating the dates or length of the closure.


Anonymous said...

Would be nice to get something akin to Montgomery Grill here.

Anonymous said...

Weren't we supposed to get some kind of ombudsman to be the contact point for sidewalk closures? What happened to that?

Anonymous said...

This is another clear violation of county guidelines regarding pedestrian access:

* The permittee shall post a sign as part of any sidewalk closure along a
County road that states “This sidewalk to be re-opened no later than (date
to be determined). Call (number to be determined) if not opened by this

Anonymous said...

World of Beer has signed on for this space.

Robert Dyer said...

10:44: Source? That would be good for beer lovers, but doesn't sound like the José Andrés/David Chang chef-driven, five-star concept they seemed to be aiming for with this space.

Anonymous said...

Source = JBG. An email was sent to all tenants in 7200 Wisconsin explaining the construction was related to required landlord work for World of Beer.

Anonymous said...

I submitted your post to MC311 due to the blocked sidewalk. They responded they've passed it to DPS (Permitting Services) for investigation.

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