Monday, December 05, 2016

"All new" Aeropostale coming in January, Menchie's construction update (Photos)

Troubled chain Aeropostale is sending mixed messages at its Westfield Montgomery Mall storefront in Bethesda. Going-out-of-business-style signs screaming "Everything must go!!" and, "Entire store 70% off," share equal billing with another sign, which promises an "all new Aeropostale" in January 2017, and a reassurance that "this isn't goodbye."

The chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May, and even shuttered its flagship Times Square store at that time. A recent rent deal has allowed the chain to keep open more stores than originally expected. I found that these exact same signs are on another store in Syracuse, New York. At the same time, unlucky locations like Pearland, Texas are still on track to close.
Menchie's kiosk
Meanwhile, construction of the Menchie's frozen yogurt kiosk at the mall looks just about finished. Let's hope they can get open in time for the limited-edition holiday cup, spoon, and Egg Nog yogurt flavor. The kiosk is located right outside of Build-A-Bear on Level 1.


Anonymous said...

I really dont' get it. Frozen yogurt is going out of style, just like it did in the 80s. Doesn't seem like the time to open up a new place.

The only worse decision would be to open up a cupcake place.

Anonymous said...

The logo of the fro-yo place isn't color-blind friendly. To the color-blind, it looks like the Turd emoji.

Anonymous said...

Does the Menchie's opening in the mall have anything to do with the one in Rockville closing? There was one off of Norbeck Rd for about two years then closed last month.

Anonymous said...

Miserable people, sharing their misery with us all.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

7:55am sounds like such an insecure little man

Robert Dyer said...

Yeah, 7:55 enjoys reading fake news and press releases from his boss, Hans Riemer.

Anonymous said...

9:07 AM "The Montgomery Way"