Saturday, December 24, 2016

Bethesda construction update: Experimac (Photos)

A lot of progress to report on the interior build-out at the future Experimac shop in the Bainbridge Bethesda apartment tower on Fairmont Avenue. The store will buy, sell and repair Apple products.
They've also posted their hours on the door, and the sign out front is lit. These type of repair shops seem to be a booming new market trend, as my first story this morning was about the newest one just announced.


Anonymous said...

Open only during your sleeping hours.


Robert Dyer said...

7:48: It hasn't opened, period, creep.

Woodmont said...

All these years and 7:48 is still sore that Dyer covers what happens in Bethesda after 4:30pm. Once a failed blogger, always a failed blogger.

Kjo said...

The experimac store is now open. I bought a refurb MacBook pro for my son who just had his die.