Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Flood postpones Little Falls Library reopening indefinitely

The flood at Little Falls Library in Bethesda a week ago will indeed delay the planned reopening of the building. Montgomery County's Department of Public Libraries says the January opening has been postponed indefinitely.

While MCPL staff declined to answer my inquiry the morning after the flood, they now say the cause was a burst 4" fire main pipe, which deluged the lower level and mechanical room of the library. They say the building's electrical and mechanical systems were damaged, but do not address whether new carpets, furniture, etc. had been installed yet.

It sounds like nearby residents will continue to be without a library for some time. The Davis Library in Bethesda remains on-track for a February reopening. Both libraries have been closed since July for renovations.


Anonymous said...

Great news, this place blows

Anonymous said...

I Dyer ill today? This item is missing the obligatory blame for the flooding on the Montgomery County Council and Hans Reimer.

Anonymous said...

"Closed For Renovations". Yeah, we all know how that plays out. Another moribund MoCo business.