Monday, December 05, 2016

Demolition permit requested for Apex Building/Regal Cinemas in downtown Bethesda

Carr Properties has requested a demolition permit for the Apex Building, located at 7272 Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Bethesda. Anchored by the Regal Cinemas Bethesda 10 cineplex, the 4-story office building is being demolished to make way for a new mixed-use development and Purple Line station.
The historic
Community Paint and Hardware
building next to the Apex (center)
The permit is a "demolition or move" permission request, which might also relate to the historic Community Paint and Hardware store building that is located just south of the building (however, that building's address - 7250 Wisconsin - is not listed on the permit request). A recent development on that issue - namely, where that building can be relocated to during construction of Carr's project - was a proposal to move it to a Montgomery County public parking lot that borders on East Bethesda.

There is currently no public timetable for the closure of businesses in the Apex Building, much less an actual demolition date. This permit request is simply the first step in the process. All businesses, including the theater, remain open at this time.

Timing is of the essence with this project, which is being carefully coordinated by Montgomery County, the Maryland Transit Administration, WMATA and Carr. However, legal stumbles have delayed the start of construction on the Purple Line indefinitely, so there is likely to be at least a slightly larger window before demolition and station construction must begin.


Anonymous said...

Thank god for Hogan. He will make sure the Purple Line goes through.

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I suggest removing the childish comment about Pedophiles. It's too bad there are some many immature trolls in your reader base.

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there is obviously a serious problem in bethesda with crime and the juvenile idiots that continue to write inane comments to a board that is supposed to inform bethesda residents of important facts are morons
Robert i suggest you go to a non-anonymous comment system as some infantile commentators ruin things for everyone

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It's amazing that the guy posting most of the weird & threatening comments here was employed by Bethesda Magazine.
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Robert report on #PizzaGate! Nothing more important for our region.

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Delete the 9:33 comment. Pedophilia is not a joking matter. Nor is the incident that occurred at Comet.

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Robert Dyer said...

This comment section is to talk about the Apex Building, not Comet Ping Pong. Totally unrelated topic. I have deleted several off-topic posts.