Sunday, December 11, 2016

Holiday specials at Gold Leaf Bakery in Bethesda

Gold Leaf Bakery at 4918 St. Elmo Avenue has holiday specials for your party or gift-giving needs. The bakery is located in the Bainbridge Bethesda luxury apartment tower.

Yule Logs are available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Mocha flavors, and range from $36.95 for an 8" log to $72.95 for 24". All 3 logs are decorated for Christmas.

A dozen decorated holiday cookies costs $10.95, croquembouches (2 cream puffs per person) are $4.45, and apple, pumpkin and sweet potato pies are available. Pumpkin cheesecake comes in an 8" size for $35.95, and a 10" for $45.95.


Anonymous said...

3 AM again. Closed for 6 hours, won't open for another 8 hours.


Anonymous said...

12:57PM On behalf of Mr. Dyer's readers, please shut the fuck up.

Have good day, sir.

Anonymous said...

Is this an ad?