Friday, December 23, 2016

Pieology is coming to Bethesda Row

Pieology, a fast-casual pizza restaurant, is coming to Bethesda Row. It will take over the former 100 Montaditos space at 4922 Elm Street, which has been vacant since June 2015.

The chain modifies its ingredient list for each restaurant, but promises 78 billion potential flavor combinations. If that is too many for you, they also offer a list of specialty pizzas, including Mad to Meat You, Alfredo's Alfredo and Rustic Veggie. It appears to be a thin crust-style pizza. They also sell salads and sweet cinnamon sugar strips.

Pieology, founded by Carl Chang, was described as the fastest-growing fast-casual pizza chain in America at the moment by Business Insider. Here, its competitors will include &pizza and Pie 360, and nationally, Pie Five and Blaze Pizza. Blaze Pizza's Bethesda location has already closed, suggesting there is a ceiling for the current fast-pizza boom. Pieology has another Montgomery County location that opened recently, in Gaithersburg.


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