Saturday, December 24, 2016

Firefighters investigate smoke at Chevy Chase office building

Montgomery County firefighters are on the scene to investigate a report of smoke at 4520 Willard Avenue in Chevy Chase. The first firefighter to radio from the scene reported "black smoke" rising from the building. Minutes later, another firefighter said he could see "light smoke," but that it was not necessarily fire-related. "It's dissipating very quickly," he radioed. "It could be steam of some sort.

Moments later, firefighters searching the building said they had not yet encountered a fire. Upon reaching the roof, one reported the team assigned to that level had shut down "the unit." The building maintenance engineer will restart two units to attempt to confirm there is no smoke or fire issue, once the rest of the building is swept by teams.

Alarm system inspection showed no alarms had been triggered by smoke or fire anywhere in the building. All other fire units not needed to assist the maintenance man are being put back into service.


Anonymous said...

Where there's Schmuck, there's Dyer.

H Miller said...

Thank you for reporting on this. I saw many fire trucks at the GEICO building last night at around 6 - at least 6 fire trucks. Glad to know that everything was ok. Again, thanks for keeping those of us in Friendship Heights abreast of hat's going on in our community. Happy Holidays!

Robert Dyer said...

6:14: Sure thing - happy holidays to you, as well!