Monday, December 26, 2016

Bethesda construction update: Element 28 luxury apartments (Photos)

The lobby of the Element 28 luxury apartment tower is taking shape, and its design reflects the nature theme that begins with the glowing leaf structure out front. Organic lines and pillars evoke tree trunks and landscaping in an indoor setting. Meanwhile, the garage door has been installed, and curiosities like a man-sized door in the leaf sculpture have come to light.

Element 28 includes 101 apartments and 3500 SF of ground floor retail, and you can see the latter empty space in some of the photos below. The Kettler-developed building is at 100 Commerce Lane, across from the Bethesda Metro station.
Tree-like pillar in lobby

Organic shapes

View approaching the lobby
from outside

A door into a sculpture...
now that is unique

View from the front plaza

Garage door

Leaf sculpture

The 3500 SF retail space
for lease


Anonymous said...

"Organic shape"

WTF is that supposed to mean?

Anonymous said...

Shapes that have a natural look, with natural flow and curve = organic shape.
Sometimes called curvilinear shapes. Anything from nature like leaves, trees, animals, birds, clouds, etc.

Anonymous said...

I believe the door is a second fire exit from their below grade parking. I think the sculpture is intended to mask the exit and populate the plaza as a bit of art. I do agree it is a bit odd, and rather ham fisted. It looked better on the renderings.

Looking at the planters, it seems they were originally intened as a large fountain with multiple connected pools. Now only water at the top, with filled in planters with River Birch below. Perhaps a value engineering effort? I will withhold judgement until it is finished, but also a bit disappointing.

It is nice to see a new set of ideas in town, and must give them credit for some clever original design concepts. The lobbt\y interior certainly looks artful.

Any word on their corner tenant? Looks like a nice tall volume with lots of glass. It would be nice to see another signature restaurant to add some night life and become a destination in this are ofvdowntown. Especially paired with the somewhat nearby Q by Chang coming to East West Highway.