Tuesday, December 27, 2016

GNC stores in Bethesda to close Wednesday, reopen as One New GNC on Thursday

Struggling vitamin and supplement retailer GNC is making a dramatic effort to right the ship this week. Tomorrow, Wednesday, December 28, all of their stores nationwide - including the ones here on Elm Street, and at Georgetown Square and Westfield Montgomery Mall - will close for the day. When they reopen on Thursday, they will be rebranded as One New GNC, according to a company spokesperson.

Store staff will be armed with tablets to assist customers, and new point-of-sale terminals will provide faster checkouts. A new loyalty program and mobile app will go online at the same time, with the idea of increasing customer incentives to shop at GNC. And inventory will be more diverse, with new brands, and more stock of currently-popular products.

During January, a 1 Million Point Giveaway Contest will be held, and other samples and prizes will be awarded in stores on Saturdays. Robert F. Moran, Interim Chief Executive Officer of GNC, doesn't underestimate the challenge of turning the company around. "The New GNC leaves the old, broken model behind," he said in a statement. "We're confident it will have a positive impact on the business, but it will take time for the changes to take hold and translate to improved financial results."


Anonymous said...

Not one gratuitous mention of the MoCo Machine? Good to see. The new meds must be working.


Anonymous said...

Not sure why anyone goes here at all. Don't they sell all the same stuff on Amazon?

Anonymous said...

7:47AM Sometimes people actually like to leave their home. You should try it.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Birdbrain!

<3 Trolls

Anonymous said...

@ 9:54: If someone needs a trip to buy some pills as a pretext to get out of the house, then that person has problems.

Anonymous said...

You make this sound like a Bethesda thing, when all GNC's nationwide are closing for a one day makeover. What an egotistical attitude.