Friday, December 30, 2016

Where to watch UFC 207 in Bethesda tonight

Where can you watch UFC 207, featuring the headlining bout of Amanda Nunes vs. Ronda Rousey, in Bethesda tonight? While these aren't the only venues, the following bars have been officially confirmed by the UFC as showing the fights:

Downtown Bethesda

Tapp'd Bethesda
4915 St. Elmo Avenue

North Bethesda/Pike District

Quincy's South Bar & Grille
11401 Woodglen Drive


Anonymous said...

That’s actually really useful information. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Who's your $$ on?

Anonymous said...

It turns out, you would have only had time for one sip of beer before it was over.

Anonymous said...

Ended faster than I thought. I gave her at least a minute.

Anonymous said...

Aren't both of these Greenhill properties?

Less than one minute - what a rip-off. I hope all the customers left immediately after the fight was over, and didn't leave tips.

Hopefully Dyer's compensation for this article was based on the length of the fight.

Anonymous said...

12:02PM Is there any time you aren't thinking about Dyer?