Monday, December 28, 2015

Montgomery County Council helping their billionaire sugar daddy evade taxes

Councilmember Hans Riemer, a
leading recipient of campaign
donations from billionaire
under investigation for tax evasion
Senate Finance Committee
investigating museum scheme

Most of the controversy surrounding Potomac billionaire Mitch Rales' Glenstone museum has related to its private operation, its addition of a sewer line, and his sugar daddy status to members of the Montgomery County Council, to whom he has donated tens of thousands of dollars. Now a U.S. Senate Finance Committee investigation is looking into another question - is Glenstone actually an art museum, or simply an easy way to avoid personal, capital gains and estate taxes through its Glenstone Foundation?

Councilmember Roger Berliner has received at least $27,000 from Rales, according to blogger Eric Hensal. The second-biggest recipient of money from Rales, a pioneer in outsourcing American jobs to China, has been Councilmember Hans Riemer. 

Riemer has used a mysterious out-of-state bounty of cash from a rogue's gallery of Wall Street scoundrels, banks, mortgage sharks, and lobbyists - who together caused the "Great Recession" - to win two council elections. Yet, he has faced no media scrutiny of his unusual campaign finances. 

Rales' Danaher Corporation wrested 140 jobs away from Hanover, Maryland alone, in a four-state liquidation of factories, as the linked video demonstrates. Is it surprising that Riemer would support a Wall Street outsourcer in evading taxes right here in Montgomery County? After all, Riemer also took a fat campaign check from Mitt Romney's Bain Capital, another pioneer in closing factories, and outsourcing jobs to overseas countries. And, while receiving funds from anti-Obamacare lobbyists, Riemer endorsed dropping the public option from the Affordable Care Act in 2009, creating a huge payday for the insurance companies.

Both councilmen, and several other colleagues who received Rales booty, delivered a series of votes that enabled the expansion of Glenstone in recent years.

While they spoke of Glenstone as a public amenity, it is actually private, not open to just anyone to visit during set hours, and located on Rales' Potomac estate, nowhere near public transit infrastructure. Glenstone has already denied access to visitors, including reporters who have dared to criticize it.

The Senate Finance Committee has heard enough, and is now investigating whether Glenstone - enabled by the County Council - is violating IRS rules and evading taxes. While the New York Times accepted Glenstone's visitor numbers at face value, fortunately, the City Paper actually did the research and found just how few visitors there have been over the years in relation to similar facilities elsewhere - and that no visitor records are publicly available for the past two years.

Meanwhile, the City Paper found that Rales is stashing away more than $360,000,000 in Danaher stock in Glenstone, and another $26 million from his Janalia Corporation. Can you get into Glenstone? City Paper reporter Kriston Capps has been rejected from visiting twice. That's not a public museum.

Aside from determining whether tax evasion has occurred (gee, you think?) with the aid and abettance of the County Council, there is another possible benefit to the Senate-level investigation. Investigations tend to turn up more than what they start out looking for. Montgomery County has a false reputation as an ethical jurisdiction primarily because there have not been federal investigations here. In a federal probe, a lesser member of a political machine can be threatened with jail time - until he or she starts talking about the bigger scandal going on higher up, in exchange for leniency or immunity. 

Farm Road, the Silver Spring Transit Center, the Council-connected nonprofit that "lost" $900,000 in taxpayer money? In every case the politicians themselves were able to control what passed for an "investigation", and declare the case closed. While the feds seem to be in constant pursuit of African-American officials in the District and Prince George's County, our white Montgomery County and Maryland politicians continue to evade scrutiny.

That has to change.


Anonymous said...

I think its a wonderful museum actually. Every time we have gone, our Tesla has had the company of at least two other progressive cars in the parking lot. I like that they keep the place more exclusive so that you get to experience the art with like-minded intellectuals. No children under 12 allowed, which also makes the afternoon more delightful.

Anonymous said...

That sounds lovely! I will have to go visit soon myself. Is there an entry fee?

Anonymous said...

There is no entry fee. I know what you're thinking, but don't worry. They keep the riff raff out by requiring reservations.

Anonymous said...

Dyer's post leads the reader to believe that this investigation is targeted at Glenstone. It's looking at the non-profit status of many privately-owned museums around the country:

As for the reporter who was not allowed in in 2008 and 2011, the follow-up story by Washington City Paper shows the paper was even given an interview by the director:

Glenstone is free, and I believe you even get a personal guided tour on your visit. The catch is you need to reserve online, and they have a limited number of spaces. I _believe_ they claim this is to limit the traffic and be neighborly, but I'm not sure if that really is the issue. I've driven by it, and it is on a residential road, but the neighbors may be far away enough that they don't care.

What does Riemer have to do with this? Did he approve the construction of Glenstone? There are much better things to blast him for (like his stance on the alcohol monopoly) than this I think.

Anonymous said...

The reporter in question may very well have been turned down because he refused to present himself in an acceptable manner. This is a museum, not the mall food court. When we did the sculpture garden tour, we knew that comfortable shoes were suggested, so my husband wore some Ferragamo driving shoes and I wore Roger Vivier ballerinas in suede.

I can just picture the reporter pulling up in a mustang with rotten sneakers on. And no reservation. How gauche.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Robert say that quoting another newspaper is plagiarism?

Anonymous said...

Why did MoCo get behind this crazy private museum idea? Oh, Rales spent big bucks in campaign donations.

Why did MoCo get behind some of the recent insane development proposals? Big campaign donations again.

Funny how little we hear about who is making all these donations during the election season or after.

Anonymous said...

@9:40 I think you are failing to see the big picture.

Why do you live in Montgomery County? Because it is a nice pleasant place to live.

Why is Montgomery County a nice pleasant place to live? Because it attracts a lot of wealthy, progressive, cultured peoples.

Why does Montgomery attract a lot of wealthy, progressive, cultured peoples? Because it has delights such as these wonderful private museums for us to go to.

There are many many counties without such delights, if you find them to be wasteful, you can move there.

Anonymous said...

@9:40 What does MoCo have to do with this? The issue is if private museums qualify for 501(c)(3) (non-profit) status. That's a status granted and determined by the federal gov't (IRS) and not MoCo.

As for private museums, many museums in the country are run privately by non-profit foundations and not by the government. What is MoCo supposed to do about this? Set zoning rules to ban museums?

Anonymous said...

Lol, Dyer's obsession w/Hans is beyond creepy. The federal tax status of private museums has exactly 0.0% to do with Hans Riemer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert. Can you help explanation what's the correlation again?

Anonymous said...

I think he received campaign donations from the folks under investigation? Not exactly honest and fair reporting to include him, really, as he has nothing to do with the actual issue.

Anonymous said...

What other government officials received campaign contributions as well? Anyone from NoVa?

Robert Dyer said...

Nice try, guys, but Hans Riemer is one of several councilmembers integral to the expansion of Glenstone into a massive tax shelter. Rales literally could not have done this without Riemer's votes and support for the expansion. And he just happened to get a treasure chest of campaign cash from Rales. Your "Oh my, what could this possibly have to do with Hans?" line is laughable.

Robert Dyer said...

4:04: Uh, last time I checked, Virginia politicians can't vote to approve sewer lines to museums in rural Montgomery County.

Robert Dyer said...

7:33: Riemer has everything to do with this. You also failed to admit that Glenstone can deny anyone access for any arbitrary reason - political, religious, racial, whatever - that's not a public museum.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't the question. Did any VA officials receive campaign contributions also?

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to start everything so snippy? There are some honest questions here and you just go on the offensive when some folks are really asking nicely.

Ok so now I understand better:

1) Rales was a campaign contributor to Riemer
2) Riemer helped Rales get sewer lines to his museums
3) Rales is under investigation for tax evasion (to be fair and legal - innocent until proven guilty)

Is that the right timeline? And is your posited theory that Riemer illegally, unethically, and knowingly helped Rales create a tax shelter?

Anonymous said...

How does the council help with approval of sewer lines? Are sewer lines so difficult to get in the county that people need to call in favors from council members?

Anonymous said...

Cheap shot against Mitch is what this is. This is moco and we have a lot of very wealthy folks. This article reads like a bernie sanders campaign speech. Surprisingly strange since Dyer was an elected member of the moco GOP. Which the rales bros gave a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

What years was Dyer elected to the MoCo GOP? Did Rales contribute money to them in that timeframe?

Anonymous said...

At the time of the sewer approval, there was reporting that Rales was getting favorable treatment from the Council. He is a major contributor to their campaigns. Others nearby couldn't get approvals and apparently the sewer was a potential environmental disaster.

Now the museum opens, but it's private and folks can't get in. What's going on?

Anonymous said...

Did the sewer end up being an environmental disaster?

What are the rules about museum access?

Anonymous said...

@9:46 You book your reservation for the museum online. They don't ask your race or income status, so I suppose they could discriminate if your name sounds "poor", but I doubt they do.

I still don't get what the council has to do with sewer approvals. Isn't that approved by DPS (permitting) or WSSC (water company)? I had a renovation done on my house which involved moving some water and sewer lines, and we certainly didn't have to ask the Council for approval.

Janis Sartucci said...

It is amazing how the commenters on this article are so clueless as to the role of the County Council. You read this blog, but have no idea what the Council actually does?

Want a timeline? Here's one:

September 2011: Rales throws cocktail party for Superintendent Joshua Starr. Invites Board of Education, County Council, County Government, Planning Board members and staff.

Here's the RSVP - attending - list for the party {obtained by the Parents' Coalition)

March 2012: The e-mails showing the meetings between MCPS and Rales staff:

A tour, chat and have Superintendent Starr write a letter supporting the Glenstone SEWER project.

June 11, 2012: Superintendent Joshua Starr writes letter to County Council in support of sewer [note Glenstone does not admit anyone under 12 years old and field trips are rarely, if ever, done in middle and high school because of scheduling]

July 2012: Rales is now writing "curriculum" for MCPS:

July 17, 2012: BINGO! Council approves sewer for Rales' property.

November 2012: Rales sponsors Superintendent Starr's budget presentation.

2013 - "Museum" closes for construction.

No MCPS students are taking "field trips" to this property.

Anonymous said...

We clueless commenters really appreciate this info.

Janis Sartucci said...

@8:10 AM - Good. Start reading and start having an intelligent discussion.

Anonymous said...

The only person more pompous and out of touch than Dyer is the perpetually insufferable "Parents Coalition" a.k.a. tinfoil hat Janis.

Janis Sartucci said...

@8:47 AM Awww poor dear. Didn't read did you? The research posted was actual DOCUMENTS, including e-mails from the Glenstone Foundation. They were obtained by Parents' Coalition member Rosanne. But, you couldn't read that could you? Your default is calling names. Sorry, it doesn't deflect from the facts and documents. Rosanne got a large set of documents that gave significant background information into the lobbying that Rales was doing using Montgomery County Public Schools and Joshua Starr. Rales won, he got his sewer support letter from Joshua Starr. Public school students lost. They are denied access to the museum.
Maybe 8:47 can make MCPS students some tin foil sculptures to look at to make up for their inability to enter Glenstone.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling Janis showed up tot he Glenstone in rotten sneakers driving a Mustang?

Janis Sartucci said...

@9:10 Had a '69 Vet and a '69 Camaro, but never a Mustang! Haven't been to Glenstone. It's closed to the public, you know.

Check out the e-mails showing the guests that came to the Joshua Starr cocktail party. The party worked! Starr wrote a letter to the Council advocating for a sewer! Since when are sewers part of the Montgomery County Public Schools Strategic Plan?

Anonymous said...

It's good info for sure. But the tone makes Janis seem like a real b*tch.

Anonymous said...

Janis, we're trying to lynch Riemer here, not Starr. Stay on topic with your witch hunting, please.

Janis Sartucci said...

9:33 and 10:01 lol you all are a hoot. It's all about tone, no facts! Right!
Starr? You really aren't reading are you?

Anonymous said...

Janis, you fail to recognize that sending MCPS students to the Glenstone is actually doing them a great disservice. They have not had the art history instruction needed to really appreciate the works on display there. Landon, Holton Arms, WES, etc would be fine candidates for school trips to the Glenstone, as they have had the proper classes and are more likely to come from progressive homes which embrace the arts.

MCPS students would be much better served at museums which offer things they can understand and touch, like play doh they can rub on their hands and sandy areas where they can kick the sand around and write words. Glenstone is not meant to be an 'interactive' museum.

Janis Sartucci said...

For those that can't click a link and read, here is the RSVP Guest List for the party that Mitchell Rales held for Joshua Starr in 2011. After the party, Rales asked Starr to support the sewer project. Starr did and wrote a letter to the Council. The party worked! Check out who attended!

E-mails obtained through a Maryland Public Information Act request. Original e-mails at this link.

Here's who was at the 2011 Rales party for Joshua Starr:

ART 1. Ray Barry 2. Jeri Hough 3. Monica Jeffries Hazangeles 4. Suzan Jenkins 5. Catherine Leggett 6. Dr. Carolyn Leonard (Strathmore Guest) 7. Carol Trawick 8. Kim Watson (Catherine Leggett Guest) 9. Shellie Williams

COMMUNITY MEMBERS 10. Catherine Meloy

EDUCATION 11. Dr. Judy Ackerman 12. Elaine Amir 13. Laura Berthiaume 14. Sharon Bland 15. Shirley Branman 16. Dr. Stewart Edelstein 17. Brian Edwards 18. Janette Gilman 19. Laurie Halverson 20. Yong Kim 21 . Erick Lang 22. Lakeisha Lashley 23. Katie Murphy 24. Patricia O'Neill 25. Bill schlossenberg 26. Dena Schoenfeld 27. Joshua Starr 28. Brad Stewart 29. Lisa Stuart

GLENNSTONE 30. Tony Cerveny 31. Emily Rales 32. Mitchell Rales 33. Josh Rales 34. Suzanne Sabbatini

GLENSTONE CONSULTANTS 35. Anita Ayerbe 36. Charlie Maier 37. Jessica Manion 38. Barbara Sears 39. Paul Tukey 40. Kris Warner

GOVERNMENT 41. Phil Andrews 42. Tina Benjamin 43. Roger Berliner 44. Norman Dreyfuss 45. Kathleen Dumais 46. Valerie Ervin 47. Brian Feldman 48. Adam Fogel 49. Amy Presley 50. Hans Riemer 51. Mrs. Riemer 52. Steve Silverman 53. Marye Wells-Harley

JOSH RALES 54. Daphne Bloomberg 55. James Bloomberg 56. Diana Conway 57. Barbara Goldberg-Goldman 58. Michael Goldman 59. Carl Leventhal 60. Venattia Vann

Anonymous said...

You certainly do have a point about facts vs tone. But you miss the issue that Dyer misses too. People have to like you and want to listen to you too, particularly if you want someone to listen. :) #imjustsaying

Anonymous said...

So a man of power was asked to support and help get something pushed through. Happens all the time. What is the problem again?

Anonymous said...

The Parents Coalition lobbying for something you want is good, but someone with money who does it is bad? You understand that lobbying for something isn't intrinsically bad or fraud, yes? You've proven exactly nothing, just like Dyer. You two should date.

Anonymous said...

Or are you just jealous this person can wield influence (and get a mighty sewer line) while no one listens to your nutty rants?

Anonymous said...

Janis, don't bother with these liberal trolls because facts are not something they're interested in. Their kids end up in rehab with a false sense of entitlement because an "art enhanced" education without any personal responsibility ethos are future of the democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Liberal? Certainly not.

Facts? Certainly. Just the logic and assemblage is sometimes out of whack.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the fact that dyer's GOP accepted funds from Raley while Dyer was in public office? In charge no less!

Anonymous said...

The only link the Parents Coalition posted worth reading is from the Washington Post. It's a reliable source, not the usual hysterics.

Here's that link again:

So the story seems to be that the Council took a NON-BINDING vote to allow Rales to add a sewer connection for his _gallery only_ and also voted to allow the same for a Hindu temple in Silver Spring.

The reason the sewer needed approval is that sewer connections were banned in those areas as a way of restricting development. It seems like the council felt these two requests -- a place of worship and an art gallery, were of reasonable public benefit to allow it. Regardless, their vote meant nothing since they don't get to make that decision.

As for Rales having a party and politicians showing up.. those happen all the time, and it's not necessarily peddling influence. No money appears to have been exchanged. Did Starr feel he needed to write the letter of support as "payback" for the hors d'oeuvres and wine he had at the Rales party? I doubt it.

Robert Dyer said...

6:24: Is it too late for you to send a letter of support for Bob McDonnell? I can't wait for the standard used in that conviction to be applied to Maryland politicians. Right to the slammer.

Janis Sartucci said...

@6:24 PM

Now e-mails between Rales and Montgomery County Public School administrators are "hysterics?'

Yes, it was hysterical that the Rales would ask the Superintendent of public schools to write a letter supporting their SEWER request! LOL!

No "money" appeared to change hands? You got that right. It was all about the perks and gifts. The "cocktail party" had value. What was the value of a ticket to that event? What was the donation that Rales made to Joshua Starr's Strathmore event? Get us the value of all the donations made by Rales to Joshua Starr and MCPS and we can talk about what transpired.

The e-mails show that VALERIE ERVIN was the contact for Rales that put him in touch with Joshua Starr. Really? Mr. Rales couldn't pick up the phone and call Joshua Starr directly? Why not? Ms Ervin was on the County Council, not on the school board. Why was her intervention needed for a simple invitation?

Here's how the SEWER Letter was hatched. After the $$$$$ Cocktail Party (Please get us the value of the event per person!) Rales set up fake "curriculum" and had a few high school (NOT UNDER 12 yrs old!!) students walk through the museum. Those couple of high school students created the RALES - MCPS PARTNERSHIP! Partnership meant Joshua Starr now owed Rales something - a SEWER LETTER. Rales even helped draft the Joshua Starr SEWER letter!

It's all in the "hysterical" e-mails copied below for those that seem unable to click links and read the originals.

Janis Sartucci said...


From: Adams, Linda Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 2:24 PM To: Edwards, Brian Cc: Lang, Erick J.; Brown, Betsy Subject: Glenstone question

Hi Brian,

We met with Emily Rales on Friday about a partnership with Glenstone. They are currently scheduling several of our high schools to visit and tour their facilities and are paying for the bus companies to transport the students from the schools to Glenstone. We are also working with them on the teacher packet to prepare the students for the visit.

Mrs. Rales informed us that they are planning to build a larger facility on the grounds and have asked if I, or someone from MCPS, could testify on their behalf to the Montgomery County Council in order to connect to the public sewer. She has already talked to Strathmore and several other community groups to raise support and testify {see attachments). They are looking for venues to support the arts programs in MCPS and this facility would not only house the artwork, but also have a possible classroom set up for students.

I told Mrs. Rales that we would check with you and get back to her. I saw Dr. Starr this weekend, and he stated he was interested in building some kind of arts & humanities education collaborative group for MCPS, so this might be a good place to start. Please let me know if this is something MCPS can support and if so who would be the appropriate person to speak on behalf of MCPS for Glenstone.

Thanks, Linda

Linda Sato Adams
Supervisor, Fine Arts Department of Curriculum and Instruction Montgomery County Public Schools 850 Hungerford Drive, Room 256 Rockville, MD 20850 Phone: 301-279-3250



Edwards, Brian
From: Sent: To: Subject:
Adams, Linda Wednesday, June 06, 2012 4:50 PM Edwards, Brian
RE: Glenstone

Hi Brian,

Here is what has been done with Glenstone so far:
1. Provided a tour for MCPS art teachers to see Glenstone exhibit and discuss ways MCPS and Glenstone could collaborate. 2. Developed teacher packets to prepare teachers to bring students to Glenstone for art tours. 3. Provided busing to three high schools so students had equal access to the current exhibit. 4. Collaborated to bring in a working artist for the Maryland Art Education Association conference in October 2012 being hosted in MCPS. 5. Discussed possible venues of support to visual arts programs in MCPS.
In our discussion with Mrs. Rales, she seemed serious about looking at ways that Glenstone could support the visual arts in MCPS.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Linda

From: Edwards, Brian Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2012 8:19 AM To: Adams, Linda Subject: FW: Glenstone

I am finalizing. Please give me a couple of examples of things we've done with glenstone that I can insert into the attached letter. Do not share this draft with others. I will finalize and send it where it needs to go.

Brian K. Edwards, Chief of Staff Montgomery County Public Schools 850 Hungerford Drive, Room 122 Rockville, Maryland 20850 301-279-3145 office 301-279-3205 fax

Anonymous said...

And what's the problem with that?

Anonymous said...

...yep, Janis sure proved she's not hysterical.... What a nutcase.

Janis Sartucci said...

@10:16 AM - No problem at all! It worked! Cocktail party + fake curriculum = Letter from Superintendent supporting SEWER for private entity!


@10:55 AM - LOL yes, the e-mails are hysterical. Written by Brian Edwards - he's a laugh a minute! Spends his time working to promote private entities that have absolutely nothing to do with Montgomery County Public Schools. YOUR tax dollars at work! Brian Edwards is paid by your tax dollars out of the MCPS Operating Budget to lobby for Glenstone. Why use education dollars to pay for teachers in classrooms when those dollars can be used to pay a lobbyist for a private entity!

Students do not need an education, they need more cocktail parties!

Janis Sartucci said...

More e-mails from MCPS Communications Director Brian Edwards. This is how the Board of Education spends your education dollars. Mr. Edwards is one of the highest paid MCPS administrators. This "work" is more important than teachers in classrooms. Remember that when you have concerns about overcrowded classrooms and school buildings. This is how MCPS Operating Budget dollars are used, instead of putting teachers in classrooms. It's a choice, and the choice of our Board of Education is cocktail parties over classrooms.

Note the subject line in these e-mails is MITCHELL RALES, not Glenstone Museum.

Part 1:

Edwards, Brian
From: Sent: To: Subject: Attachments:
McNamara, Maureen Q Monday, September 19, 2011 11:30 AM Edwards, Brian
FW: Mitchell Rales imageOOl.jpg; image002.jpg; image003Jpg

Should I do bias on some of these people for JPS?

From: Jessica Manion [] Sent: Monday, September 19, 2011 11:24 AM To: McNamara, Maureen Q Subject:
RE: Mitchell Rales
Good Morning Maureen, I am contacting you because Mr. Brian Edwards called our office last week asking for the list of people who will be attending Wednesday's reception for Dr. Starr at Glenstone. Below you will find the list of people who have sent an RSVP of ye9 to attending the reception. Please let me know if you need further information.
Thank you,
Jessica Manion

ART 1. Ray Barry 2. Jeri Hough 3. Monica Jeffries Hazangeles 4. Suzan Jenkins 5. Catherine Leggett 6. Dr. Carolyn Leonard (Strathmore Guest) 7. Carol Trawick 8. Kim Watson (Catherine Leggett Guest) 9. Shellie Williams COMMUNITY MEMBERS 10. Catherine Meloy EDUCATION 11. Dr. Judy Ackerman 12. Elaine Amir 13. Laura Berthiaume 14. Sharon Bland 15. Shirley Branman 16. Dr. Stewart Edelstein 17. Brian Edwards 18. Janette Gilman 19. Laurie Halverson 20. Yong Kim 21 . Erick Lang 22. LakeishaLashley 23. Katie Murphy 24. Patricia O'Neill 25. Bill schlossenbetq 26. Dena Schoenfeld 27. Joshua Starr 28. Brad Stewart 29. Lisa Stuart
GU;NSTONE 30. Tony Cerveny '3'1 :""Emily Rales 32. Mitchell Rales 33. Josh Rales 34. Suzanne Sabbatini GLENSTONE CONSULTANTS 35. Anita Ayerbe 36. Charlie Maier 37. Jessica Manion 38. Barbara Sears 39. Paul Tukey 40. Kris Warner GOVERNMENT 41. Phil Andrews 42. Tina Benjamin 43. Roger Berliner 44. Norman Dreyfuss 45. Kathleen Dumais 46. Valerie Ervin 47. Brian Feldman 48. Adam Fogel 49. Amy Presley 50. Hans Riemer 51. Mrs. Riemer 52. Steve Silverman 53. Marye Wells-Harley JOSH RALES 54. Daphne Bloomberg 55. James Bloomberg 56. Diana Conway 57. Barbara Goldberg-Goldman 58. Michael Goldman 59. Carl Leventhal 60. Venattia Vann

From: McNamara, Maureen Q [] Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 8:22 AM To: Jessica Manion Subject:
RE: Mitchell Rales

Thanks so much Jessica!

From: Jessica Manion [] Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 5:31 PM To: McNamara, Maureen Q
Subject: FW: Mitchell Rales

Good Afternoon Maureen, Charlie Maier asked for me to provide you with the list of those who were invited to attend the Dr. Starr reception at Glenstone on September 215\ 2011. Attached to this email you will find a document with the invitation list that was approved by Mr. Mitchell Rales.
Thank you,

Janis Sartucci said...

Part 2 - Brian Edwards communicating with Mitchell Rales public relations consultant, not the Glenstone Museum.


From: Charlie Maier Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 4:52 PM To: Jessica Manion Cc: Kris Warner Subject: FW: Mitchell Rales
See below.
Charlie Maier
public relations/marketing/branding/design
90 Church Street I Rockville, MD 20850 p. 301.424.4141 c. 301.775.0600 f. 301.424.4464

From: McNamara, Maureen Q [] Sent: 2011-09-09 06:10 To: Charlie Maier Cc: Napoli, Sandra L; Edwards, Brian Subject: RE: Mitchell Rales

Hi Charlie -
Brian Edwards got his invitation to the September 21st Reception for Dr. Starr at Glenstone today and will definitely be attending!
He was also wondering if you could forward him. a list of the invitees as. soon as. possible. As the event gets closer, he would also like a list of who willbe attending. Thanks and have a great weekend.
Maureen Q. McNamara Administrative Services Manager Office of the Superintendent of Schools Montgomery County Public Schools 850 Hungeriord Drive, Room 122 Rockville, Maryland 20850 Phone: 301-279-3145 Fax: 301-279-3205

From: [] ,,,.. .Sent: Monday, August 22, 2011 12:59 PM To: Edwards, Brian Cc: Napoli, Sandra L; McNamara, Maureen Q; Kris Warner
Subject: Re: Mitchell Rales

Brian, that's good news! Let me see ifwe can confirm that on other key calendars.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

From: "Edwards, Brian" Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 12:09:25 -0400 To: 'Charlie Maier' Cc: Napoli, Sandra L; McNamara, Maureen Q

Subject: RE: Mitchell Rales

Hi Charlie,
The only one of those dates that will work is September 21 after 5:30 p.m.
Cari we make that work?

From: Charlie Maier [] Sent: Friday, August 12, 2011 1:09 PM To: Edwards, Brian Cc: Napoli, Sandra L; McNamara, Maureen Q
Subject: RE: Mitchell Rales

Hi, Brian. I hope you had a good vacation and got recharged for the busy months ahead. Our time off goes by so fast!
What I am proposing is a reception to welcome Dr. Starr and introduce him to arts-academic-business people who might not get to meet him otherwise. Mitchell Rales would host an evening reception for 50-60 people at his Glenstone museum for about 50-60 people. Three possible dates are September 19, 21 or 22. If those dates are too soon, a date late in September or early October could work, too. what do you think?
Welcome back!

public relations/marketing/branding/design
90 Church Street I Rockville, MD 20850 p. 301.424.4141 c. 301. 775.0600 f. 301.424.4464
us on; L.inkedl!.

From: Edwards, Brian [] Sent: 2011-07-29 06:53 To: Charlie Maier Cc: Napoli, Sandra L; McNamara, Maureen Q
Subject: Mitchell Rales

Hi Charlie,
Valerie Ervin passed along to Dr. Starr this week that you were trying to reach us about a possible reception hosted by Mitchell Rales for Dr. Starr. I'm sorry that you were unable to reach us to discuss, but the email you used was the wrong address. It looks like you used Please note that my address is brian

We appreciate the generous offer of Mr. Rales to host a reception and would like to explore the possibilities of doing something, possibly in late September. Let me know a few more details of what you have in mind so that we can see what we can do on our end. Dr. Starr's calendar is pretty full for the month, but we would like to find a way to make something work.

I will be away for the next two weeks, but will be checking email periodically.
Hope all is well with you. It's always good to hear from you.
Brian Edwards

Anonymous said...

Curious what the above has to do with anything? Is this supposed to be proving something?