Saturday, December 26, 2015

Old Angler's Inn seeks community support for redevelopment

The owners of the popular Old Angler's Inn, located at 10801 MacArthur Boulevard in Potomac, are seeking to build community support for a redevelopment plan drawn up after extensive consultation with real estate and hospitality industry experts. That plan centers around a proposed country inn, that would offer event space and accomodations for 8 overnight guests.

Mark and Sara Reges say the plan is the best way to both sustain their business, and keep the majority of the 7.5 acre site in its existing state. They have created a petition that residents and supporters can sign to indicate their support. It is on the same page where you can examine the plans.

The restaurant has been operated by the same family for 58 years, and the owners say they hope the redevelopment plan will preserve it for the next generation to follow.


Guest said...

Maybe I missed something but what is the petition for? What are they trying to get support for?

Unknown said...

Ditto. They do not explain what the petition is for, nor to whom the petition will be submitted.