Saturday, December 12, 2015

Property behind Rosedale Park apartments for sale in Bethesda (Photos)

One part of a potential redevelopment opportunity behind the Rosedale Park apartments in downtown Bethesda is now on the market. 4712 Rosedale Avenue, a 1933 house now used as office space, is being offered for sale at $1,495,000. The 2100 SF office space will be available immediately upon purchase, according to a listing for the 4800 SF property.
Just to give you an idea
of the redevelopment potential
here, a wider shot of the
two "office houses" behind
Rosedale Park
What may provide the ultimate value here to the patient investor, would be a potential assembly of this property with the adjacent "office house" next door at 4710 Rosedale, for a larger redevelopment of the site in the future. It is expected to receive a CRN zoning via passage of the Bethesda Downtown sector plan, meaning it could be a mixed-use development.

In the meantime, as an office space, the property has 14 surface parking spaces - which would be very lucrative to rent by themselves.

Top photo via LoopNet
Bottom photo via Google Maps


Anonymous said...

Breaking news - house for sale in Bethesda!

Anonymous said...

It's a commercial property, but definitely not worth $1.5m. Assemblage would be tough, the guy next door isn't selling. Who owns the two behind them on maple?

doesn't the eastern greenway plan limit the size of commercial along that north/south corridor based on assemblage of the residential lots to the east towards tilbury as well?

It's all a nice idea but there are so many property owners and so many blocks it's going to be a tough time to accomplish the full vision.

Anonymous said...

Is this about to become another moribund Greenhole property?

Anonymous said...

The parking is a bit misleading too. It's a paved backyard right now that they access via the Rosedale Park Apartments access lane. If RPA decided to put up a fence then this building owner couldn't access the backyard with cars anymore. They are trespassing every single time they park there.

Robert Dyer said...

6:49: Very interesting point.

Anonymous said...

@6:49 Actually since RPA has made no efforts to block that access, the Rosedale owners can claim right of way based on an easement by prior use... part of common law.

There was a house sold in Bethesda on Wilson Lane last year where this was even mentioned in the sale description. The adjacent house had a right of way to use their driveway, effectively making it a circular driveway (so no need to back out into a busy Wilson Lane). It's between Bradley and Radnor, and you can see the two houses with a strip of asphalt connecting their respective driveways.

Anonymous said...

Claiming adverse possession and actually winning it are two very far apart things.

If it were so easy as just stealing from our neighbors.

That Capital Crescent jacka*ss who has his fence on the trail. It's not your land. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Btw do you mean they had an easement? That's not adverse possession. That's a signed agreement allowing usage.

Anonymous said...

Good thing that Deborah Vollmer does share that driveway.

Anonymous said...

That's the crazy Chevy Chase lady?

Anonymous said...

The alley between the apartment building and the office house is a public right of way maintained by Montgomery County. The office house is not built on the side lot line, so they will have access to the parking now matter what happens in the future. I counted as many as 16 spaces. That is the best parking in downtown Bethesda!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's good to know. Where does one find out this kind of info?

Are there rules on right of way access and use? between the contractors and the Bethesda systems folks they are always leaving their trucks parked in the ROW. It's a struggle getting in and out of the RPA garage sometimes if two cars are going in and out and their trucks are parked there.

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