Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Renovation permits requested for former Fresh Grill building in Bethesda

Construction contractor Sigal Construction has filed for permits from Montgomery County to begin renovation and repair of the buildings at 4905 and 4909 Fairmont Avenue in Bethesda. They will be fixing structural damage blamed on nearby excavation, and revamping the buildings for future retail/restaurant tenants based on a plan developed by the architecture firm of Steven J. Karr, AIA, Inc..

Former tenants Fresh Grill and Dansez! Dansez! were forced to vacate several years ago, when the building was condemned due to structural concerns. That led to a lengthy legal dispute, and the ultimate decision by property owner Greenhill Capital to remake its larger lot, "Lot 667", into a new retail-restaurant (and possibly office) complex along Fairmont, Norfolk and St. Elmo Avenues.


Anonymous said...

Finally! Is this the whole shebang from the previous renderings posted? Do you know what took so long?

Also, do you know what's going on with the NYC skyline building? A commenter here was insisting it was themed to a tenant but so far nothing has materialized.


Anonymous said...

I bet 50% of their lawsuit money for fixing the building goes into actually fixing the building. And to be clear, I am strictly talking about money they received to fix the building, not lost incomes.

Anonymous said...

Was the building condemned?

Anonymous said...

Building was "condemned" to make it easier for the scum at Greenhill to kick out the current tenants and re-develop. Won't matter though, they'll just end up more vacant Karr designed Greenhill properties with stupid murals

Anonymous said...

So what are the chances this one starts construction and sits half worked on for months if not years. Like all the other Greenhill properties.